The Space Between

Master Your Mindset

September 7, 2018

Your Mindset can determine everything. Self-talk and your inner voice can either support you, making you feel good and healthy, or it can hurt you – damaging your self-esteem, shaking your confidence and making you feel less worthy than you really are.

So something to really consider is the quote that says "A Man is what he thinks about all day". So what are you thinking about all day?  Is it the next step in your path to greatness or are you thinking about what you have been told you can't do? We're often limited by others beliefs that somehow get adopted by us and cared for like they're dear to us.  Taking in the negative thoughts and repeating them until we actually believe what we've been told.

This reflection is here to start the look into mindsets and how we can improve the and ultimately change them for the better.


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